Thomas Matt | 22 | Creative Technician

Since a young age, I have always believed in understanding people and realising their true potential. I express this firstly as I try to exceed limits and progress further working with people and giving them help. Not only this, with a greater understanding with what they are wanting to archive. I say this because, I have never really though so much about myself, though more on others around me. I feel that anyone can be anything, and accomplish their goal whatever that may be.

I am kind, caring and hard working person who was brought up around a loving family. My family taught me the basics of life though now after moving home to university, meeting so many amazing different people I believe I can expand my knowledge and learn more than my knowledge so far! I have always loved Audio & Lighting, I remember dancing with the family at celebrations and having a laugh enjoying time, which has now progressed. This progressed to dancing to a DJ / Band whilst stood in the middle of a field putting on the most incredible lighting show that comes to mind, well my mind anyway.

At the age of 14 I was introduced to Digital Audio Workstations, then starting using Ableton Live creating soundtracks, themed music and house / pop genres. I have a passion for this in my spare time, whilst also helping friends in the industry produce Voice Overs for Quizzes and Radio Shows. I still have a knowledge of the software, and do tend to play now and again when the time is right.

So that is a little brief about me,
Maybe I will see you in a field or arena some day! Remember, Enjoy the show

Recent Projects

Hull Freedom Festival 2015
Hull Freedom Festival 2015
McBusted Tour 2015
Calvin Harris 2015
Summersault 2015