Thomas Matt

// Creative Technician //


Thomas is very creative with a high expectation for all events and projects that he works and delivers on. He has a productive mindset & imagination, with experience working within Corporate, Concert and Touring.

Back in 2008 at the age of 14 was when it all started. He had a passion for helping local bands set up, pack down and deliver whilst other evenings providing a mobile disco to the Lincolnshire area. Thomas would provide discos from town to town, entertaining in Hotels, Village Halls and Social Clubs. At the age of 16 during the daytime he would work at an audio & visual store ‘East Midlands Sound & Lighting’. Here was where Thomas gained a vast knowledge of experience taking apart speakers, lights and smoke machine and diving in to understand how they worked. Whilst being in the store he also sold equipment to customers, and had to quickly understand guest satisfaction.

Amongst all of this Thomas then took on another challenge to learn about Community Radio and Advertising, which lead to making Radio Jingles, Voiceovers, Beds and Stings. Producing these to the highest of his standard from learning how to use various Mixers, Microphones & DAW’s when studying at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, Nottingham.

Thomas was the type to amuse tutors and forever has a memory stuck in his head, this being one day before entering the college he had created a song that he was playing through his headphones, Thomas’ tutor had asked to hear it. Then the tutor had the whole class listen to the song, when the song ended the tutor stood up and said “By the end of the year, I’d like for you all to create something as inspiring and talented as this”. Thomas disagreed with the tutor as the teenagers amongst him were also very talented and the class was more of a team helping each other when needed.


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